Monday, September 6, 2010


Admitting certain factors gets harder and harder everyday for people. Simply because of the society we live in, it’s hard to admit sexuality, feelings, emotions, and even truths. Because simply put. We are scared. We are sometimes scared of what people will think and view us as. We are scared of what they might do, what they might categorize us as, the way they look at us. Because if one factor changes, everything else changes. And it’s hard to everyone to be truthful, so we remain hiding the truths and keeping it all bottled up. And it seems that’s the only way to really get through life without being criticized.
Sometimes it’s hard to admit feelings for a person because we worry they will think differently, and everything will be ruined. In ANY sexuality, this applies to all. We’re all not that different. But yet the society we live in, are so over-religious/shallow/non-accepting that they believe we must follow all guidelines of certain religions/laws/rules/opinions, and if not. We will be looked down upon and put down. Yes. That’s the reality of the world. Non-acceptance.

No matter what it is. Not everyone will accept. And it’s hard for some people to be “free”. Because it seems any step we take, we will be watched. And if it seems “wrong” to another individual. We will be enforced, brought down, criticized and some even killed.
So yes admitting certain things is very hard, especially realizing where you are living, people are taught to believe things aren’t meant to be happen, and whoever doesn’t follow that guideline, is different from every else and shouldn’t be accepted.
I believe the logic behind it is entirely senseless. Because first of all, what does someone’s life have anything to do with you? Who the fuck are you? People will go separates ways, make different choices, but who are you to tell them what they can/cannot do? You are not a god. You are another human-being attempting to bring down another because you just purely cannot get over it. And accept what is bound to happen.
And the fact is. The one person you believe you know everything about, is probably hiding one of their biggest secrets for years and never even telling you a word about it, because they know. They know that some people will think differently, and they don’t want any unnecessary hate, attention, or eyes set upon. And they spend their life telling people what they want to hear, because they are scared, they have seen what has happen to others. They don’t want to go through the same thing. And everything they hate hiding it. But it’s the only choice they have if they want to get through life without all the bullshit headed their way just because some people can’t simply accept.
One day a recreation will be a made, maybe a new world. I hope I live to see it before my eyes before I die. Because the current world I live in is disgusting.


  1. i agree with just about all of it, and its a shame that we will never live in a society where there arent judgements passed onto others

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