Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's frustrating

It’s frustrating to realize in this economy. You have to get extremely good grades that will define your place in the economy and which jobs you get, or high paying or low it all depends on what teachers write down on your report cards and tests.
Why do letters and numbers have to justify your ability to get through life successfully or not. And money. They say you shouldn’t be greedy for money, because it doesn’t make you happy.
But when you take a look around. Everything revolves around money. You need to get a job. A job why? For money. To buy what you want. You buy with money. Money is a struggle to some, and completely easy for others.
It’s also frustrating that people with profound talents can become famous and become profited and overloaded with money within the time they are known throughout the world because of a particular talent. While others work so hard just to be able to move out and raise a family. Seems to be very hard. Because apparently. It’s either ride or die.
Why do grades have to define you, and your ability to get specific jobs. Some people can be the most intelligent, and yet they find no point in getting good grades, so they choose to slack off because they see no point in it. And I don’t blame them. In this economy it’s very high-maintenanced, high expectations. Everything is high, prices, debts, murders, fights, wars. Everything.
And yet these people worry about what is stamped onto your grades and averages to define where you are put in the economy. Life’s more than a couple of letters/numbers.
A lot of people are capable. And yet they are put down because they believe bullshit grades are what determine who is who. And who is deserving. Frustrating the economy I live in.

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