Tuesday, September 7, 2010

People are complicated.

There are some people who would like to take pity and sympathy so they know people care.

On the other hand. There are also people who would rather you not ask them, “what’s wrong” because they hate pity or sympathy. There are so many different crowds and everyone wants something different.

And I’m left lost and not knowing how to treat everyone. Because apparently. Everything is different, they want different things, have different lives. In general. Everyone’s different and it’s hard for one person alone to please everyone.
If I were to care for someone who completely despises sympathy, they’d look at me as if I’m some sugarcoater. But if I don’t. They will assume I don’t care at all.

Do you see how senseless everything is. People are complicated, so overly complicated to the point where “world peace” will always be a dream. Never a reality. Simply, no one will agree on one single factor. Everyone will have their own perspective and mind-sets. Which makes it hard for anyone to comply.

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  1. that's what power is for
    so you don't need the hear everyones opinions